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Hi everyone, these days HungVB.Com is too busy at work, so I don't write articles to share with everyone the tips to get the latest articles by RSS that you have installed for your blog :D
Currently this update program I do not have time to develop some other utilities for everyone because my time is too short, so I don't have much time to edit it ok :D

But now HungVB.Com writes this sharing article to let everyone know how it works and how to get the link of the program. Because of this program in the past, I also made an application to view links from RSS, but due to changing blogs, the article was deleted, so I could not re-develop that application. :D

First you import these data into the program.


Next, you add a tag "DataGridView1" to the Form. And you put all the code below into Form1_Load so that when you start the application automatically get the article data. Below is the entire code. 

Các bạn có thể thay đổi đoạn link RSS mình bôi đỏ trên blog bằng một Textbox để người dùng nào tải về cũng có thể lấy được link bài viết các trang khác :D

Wished everyone success.
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