[VB] Get Facebook Image By Token

Hi everyone, today HungVB.Com would like to show you a simple trick that I shared in the past and shared this trick on facebook for programmers about getting human images. used with simple "TOKEN".

Those of you who do not understand this trick will find it a bit complicated and a bit shy about getting "TOKEN" to "Get Image Facebook", but you guys just love this issue. I guarantee that you paste "TOKEN" in the above frame is completely clean, but I do not add anything to get your "TOKEN" to sell to "HACK LIKE" pages here and there :D. Minh took the honor of this coder guy.





Add a new trick but don't need to use "TOKEN" but just need the Facebook User ID you need to get the image :D


But with this trick, your image is small in size and depending on your customization and can blur the image when you enlarge it.

Good luck with this simple trick.

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  • Anonymous Hz
    Anonymous Hz Thứ Ba, 12 tháng 4, 2022

    Không biết nay còn dùng đc k

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