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Hello everyone, after a short time of suspending the development of the program to post on the iCuocSong.Com blog, now with a lot of anti-epidemic time, HungVB has both worked and added a bit of modern FLAT UI interface. but the other program: EASY

It looks cool but it's not ok for me :D, the color and the ability to customize the sea are not so good.

The updated parameters on the application.

2. Code Optimization
3. Removed the warning user to download with virus warning.
4. Add a link shortener from https://tinyurl.com/

Limit :

1. I have not updated the data in the download section
2. The FONT COLOR part only changes the color on the app, not on the blog.
3. Unable to upload youtube images or videos to the blog

That is some information of the application I just updated.
If there is any error, everyone can notify Hung at this article, or you can inbox facebook directly to me at: https://www.hungvb.com/facebook

Download tools : https://tinyurl.com/yfp6sq3b

thanks for read.
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